Enable Comments On Ghost With Disqus

Update: Since writing this post, I have discovered Ghost's support documentation outlines the process of integrating Disqus and Ghost. Please check there for the most up-to-date information!

As Ghost does not have commenting functionality built-in, I chose to supplement it with Disqus - the go-to comment hosting solution within the Ghost blogging community. Hoping to leverage others' experience, a bit of googling led me to a helpful, albeit slightly outdated, post of the same name by Christoph Voigt. What follows is a guide that borrow's heavily from Christoph's post & makes updates where necessary to ensure a smooth setup!

1. Create your Disqus account

First you'll need to create a Disqus account and register your website - choosing a site short name (e.g. aripatrick).

2. Insert the snippet

Copy the snippet below and paste it to your post.hbs, between the </footer> and </article> tags. The file should be located in your current theme's directory (e.g. [YourGhostDir]/content/themes/casper/):

Be sure to replace example with your Disqus forum shortname!

3. Restart Ghost

Keep in mind that you need to restart Ghost in order to see your changes (unless you are using Forever or a similar tool).

Done! You are now using Disqus comments on your blog!

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